Major Challenges in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management

The pharmaceutical supply chain constantly face many challenges that have to reduce for maintaining smooth supply of materials. It has become more complex because it involves the life-saving interest of human being and requires the participation of different stakeholders such as wholesalers, distributors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, customers, information service providers and regulatory agencies. Here is a list of challanges commonly faced in pharmaceutical supply chain management:

Lack of coordination

As a supply chain professional frequent coordination between different stakeholders is required and it should be within a timeframe, clear an informative.

Material scarcity

Material scarcity handling is a major challenge for a pharmaceutical professional. To overcome this challenge a supply chain professional must be aware about material scarcity in global market.

Inventory management

A large inventory always a tough work to maintain properly. So, the inventory should be as small as possible with well oriented. No unnecessary code or material to be added.

Absent demand information

Any insufficient or lack of information may lead to material scarcity in critical time and also lead to market short supply.

Compliance and regulations

Supply chain management always to be concerned about current regulations and compliance. Otherwise regulatory acceptance may hamper and ultimately miss the opportunity.

Order management

In a large pharma industry huge materials are required daily. So, a lot of order management is to be performed by supply chain.

Shortage avoidance

To avoid the shortage of material supply chain always to be updated about the stock and to be aware of about the marketing forecast.


Any expiry material cannot be accepted in pharma industry. So, before expiration of any material its consumption to be confirmed by supply chain.

Digital transformation

Pharma companies now fully depends in technology. They depends on many sophisticated software to maintain the inventory. That’s why supply chain professional also to be adapted with this digital transformation.

Warehouse management

A large warehouse management also a challenge for supply chain. Because if warehouse is not well oriented it’s may hamper the operation.

Temperature control

To carry and store the temperature sensitive material supply chain must be concern about. Otherwise it is hamper the quality of a product.

International complexities

Sometimes international complexities also be a big issue for material shipment.

Lack of transparency

Transparency is a prerequisite for any deal. If any personnel fail to keep this trust it will hamper the smooth business and delay the supply.

The modern supply chain must evolve to meet the new demands and challenges for smooth supply chain operation. To reduce the pressure on the supply chain, they should be used to with international complexity, environmental changes, economic pressures and negotiations.

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